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Understanding Realistic ROI Expectations of a Safety Platforms 

Plus Early Impacts for Peerless Beverage & Superior Beverage

When it comes to learning and development in the workplace, training may be one of the first areas discussed, especially in the beverage distribution space. When it comes to the actual budgeting, however, many of these companies find that their training initiatives are left with the smallest budget—despite the pressing need to keep employees safe as workers’ comp claims rise. 

To make matters more complicated, return on investment is often a key consideration in business decision-making, but calculating the full ROI on injury prevention can be difficult. There’s no universal formula for calculating a return on investment in safety, and the costs—such as workers’ compensation, medical expenses, lost productivity, and incident investigation—can be spread out over a lengthy period of time, which can delay the ability to calculate the full ROI. As a result, the full ROI comes later for injury reduction. 

Of course, all injury prevention programs aren’t built the same. For the teams at both Peerless Beverage and Superior Beverage, they needed to see an early return on investment from their employee training. They knew there was an effective way to allocate their resources for the greatest impact, so they turned to Worklete for help.

The Early Success of 2 Beverage Distribution Frontline Teams

For Stacey, the Director of Learning and Development at Superior Beverage, seeing the full return on their investment through reduced workplace injuries and decreased workers’ comp claims wasn’t their primary focus. She knew that through other benefits of a safety training program, her team could see an early impact throughout their company culture. What they really valued was the safety of their associates, how they worked together, and the work they were able to produce.

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Stacey knew that these more tangible elements could be harder to calculate their returns on. Putting herself in the shoes of her associates, she said, “‘I know I’m working in a safe environment, because my employer is investing in this technology that helps keep our workforce safe.’ But how do you put a dollar amount to that? Those visceral feelings. Ultimately, an associate’s feelings towards working in a safe environment lead to more productivity.” 

As Stacey began to consider her options, she knew that the ease, accessibility, and accountability of online learning platforms had to be a given. Worklete checked those boxes for her: the platform is mobile-first for effective and efficient user access when employees aren’t at their desks. “When you work with people in our industry, a digital training solution needs to be flexible. Our workforce is so mobile that the solution needs to be quick and it needs to be easy,” Stacey said. 

What’s more is that Stacey loved how Worklete provided them with a structure to develop a “Champion” for the team. Although she was ready to bring Worklete on board, she first needed to get the buy-in of the Vice President of Operations. They had previously discussed whether they wanted to bring in a person solely dedicated to safety and training, but knew it would be costly for them to add another person to their payroll. Stacey saw that Worklete, however, had a program for developing existing team members into in-house experts who have the coaching knowledge, eye, and voice. By working with fellow employees and coaching them away from injury-causing positions and into stronger, more efficient positions, these Champions would help bring the team closer together.

All these factors won the team at Superior Beverage over, and they found great success in the weeks following their adoption. Stacey ran pulse checks on her employees and saw that the engagement had gone up, as well as adoption and utilization of the Worklete platform. The early lift of these factors drastically improved Superior’s onboarding of new employees and their alignment with the whole workforce on training and communication—shaping them into a confident, safer, and more productive team altogether. These early impacts have made Worklete a staple for Superior Beverage. 

But what if your company’s priority is to see immediate impact on injury prevention?

For Ed, the Director of Human Resources at Peerless Beverage, summer loomed on the horizon, making workplace safety an even more urgent need as workers’ compensation claims and turnover continued to rise at their company. “In peak summer season when beer is literally flying out the door, we don’t have time to recruit,” Ed said. “It’s like you’re going into the playoffs and you don’t want to lose any of your valuable players right then. And we really don’t, we want to make sure that we’re fully staffed with our most capable team members during our peak season.” 

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 9-29-18 AMWhen Ed and his peers were researching solutions, the simplicity of Worklete struck them. He recalled, everybody on the leadership team had a chance to download the app. And after using it for a month, there was nobody on our side that said, ‘Hey, there’s no way—even with the possible pushback on our warehouse floor and with our drivers—employees could say that the time they put in daily takes away from what they’re doing.’ If you can’t spare a minute, there’s something wrong. And the way Worklete that literally gives you content in a minute, while still communicating the training effectively, is where we were sold.”

With Worklete, Peerless Beverage was able to get their workers ready and in shape for the busy summer season. Even if they had lost a few guys, their productivity with a leaner team would have hurt significantly. Without Worklete, Ed said, “We wouldn’t even have been able to get a safety program off the ground. The best we could have probably done is put a training video on the TV and it would just be very passive learning without any engagement.” And looking past peak season, Ed knew they could add Worklete to their list of features and benefits for new hires because of how easily their employees had skilled up, helping them mitigate risk and extend their working careers. 

Cue the Worklete Mission

Worklete has developed an innovative methodology that gets to the root of injury prevention by partnering with some of the top minds in athletics, physical therapy and behavioral science. Worklete customers see an average ROI of 420%—but beyond that, we know our customers see the early impacts of our safety platform. The Worklete platform not only mitigates risks and extends careers by easily skilling your employees but also helps you better recruit, engage, and retain them. 

Safety has never been more important—give your team the tools they need to move safer, smarter, and happier. Request a demo below to learn more about the Worklete platform.


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Worklete Customers see an average ROI of 420%.

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