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Nestlé ReadyRefresh has always understood the importance of keeping their frontline Route Service Representatives (RSR's) pain-free and on the job. These RSR's are some of the hardest-working folks that we've worked with to date. They lift 45-pound water jugs more than 300 times a day, which results in over 12,000 pounds lifted by each RSR, every day! As you can imagine, and as these guys - some of them, 20-year veterans - can attest, lifting this amount of weight day after day is hard work - and can take a toll on even the fittest individuals if their bodies aren't in strong positions.

ReadyRefresh partnered with Worklete in 2015 and is still a strong advocate of the program. Yesterday, the Nestlé ReadyRefresh Vallejo location celebrated over 600 work days without an injury or accident. This is a major achievement for one of our first customers, and is a strong reminder that movement matters when it comes to staying pain-free and avoiding injuries and accidents.

We congratulate the entire team at ReadyRefresh Vallejo for this accomplishment. Stay strong!




By: Worklete
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