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A Letter from CEO & Founder, Ben Kanner.

At Worklete we are on a mission to help keep frontline workers safe and healthy. I’m excited to announce that we have kicked off an equity crowdfunding campaign through the platform Republic. With the new Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) requirements, we are able to get more people involved in support of our mission. If you’re not familiar with Reg CF or this sort of fundraising, you can think of it as a mini-IPO-of-sorts, meaning we can now accept investments from non-accredited investors starting as low as $150. Now all of our friends, family, and valued contractors who have supported us from the sidelines, as well as our tens of thousands of users who are engaging with the application each and every day, can get more deeply involved and help us bring it to many more frontline folks.


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We have a huge opportunity to do well, by doing good. What I mean by this is, we have the opportunity to impact a lot of frontline folks' lives while creating a really big business in the process. 91M Americans have jobs that require medium to hard, physical labor each day. Worklete exists, so we can help these folks work hard, but then be able to go home and enjoy their lives outside of work healthy and injury-free.

All companies that deal with this type of labor-intensive work have an injury prevention program of some sort, but for the most part they have not benefited from any recent innovation or the advanced technology that is all around us. The current methods for injury prevention do not work, employees know it, supervisors know it, health/safety leaders know it and insurance companies know it. These are legacy homegrown solutions or on-premise consultants. I’m not knocking them. It was the best we had at the time, but these solutions don’t scale and are especially insufficient for today’s large distributed workforces. 

Visit the Republic Campaign Page


Worklete actually spurred from an on-premise consulting practice that my father started 40 years ago. For his entire career he was a safety consultant...well first he was actually a professional athlete, but then I came along he knew he needed to find a real job (think circa 1980). He saw his buddies who were firefighters getting injured; the culprit wasn't smoke inhalation and burns, it was musculoskeletal injuries. Firefighting is very hard physical work - they are pulling hose, throwing ladders and running into burning buildings. My father realized that we all have this amazing machine that is the human body, but most of us just don't know how to use it. If he could teach people how to use their bodies correctly and create habits around movement, he could help folks, like his firefighting buddies, fulfill their significant performance demand (ie. saving lives and property), without getting injured. My father used to say if the work isn’t making you stronger, it is breaking you down.

He built a solid consulting business and had a long career, training over 10,000 firefighters and countless other folks - but it didn’t scale, it took him 40 years to do it. I always admired what he did, and a few years back I realized there was an opportunity to utilize advanced technology, so we could bring these concepts to some of the largest companies in the world, and help tens of thousands of people each and every day. 


We are now reimagining habit creation: we see a world where AI makes learning personalized to the company, the individual and the task at hand, adapting training in real-time to drive the most effective results. We enable frontline workers to reduce injuries, build skills, and stay connected. Based on 40 years of training and safety experience with frontline teams, the Worklete platform uses AI, predictive analytics, and smart-skill building, to create a personalized, always-on, automated coach. Our algorithms track individual users and continually adapt and optimize their program based on their unique interactions and results - allowing us to maximize the individual impact while minimizing effort. We use company, industry, third party and user-provided data to create a personalized program that adapts to the individual, creating lasting habits and ingrains safety into the culture of the organization. Dynamic data models automate risk assessment and deploy communications, alleviating supervisors of time-consuming administrative tasks so they can focus on what is important. Technology is a game-changer for safety and injury prevention, but surprisingly very few people are approaching the problem in this way.


Back to those 91M frontline workers in the US: humans are never really taught how to move or use their bodies correctly. This gap in this basic human education feeds two gargantuan industries - health insurance and physical therapy. Our product engages employees in a compelling way, drives habit creation to ensure proper physical movement to eliminate injuries and delivers hard ROI to satisfy finance leaders. It’s a win-win for the companies - happy, healthier, safer team members save companies money. By decreasing the incidence and severity of injury, we decrease the cost associated with those injuries - we see about 420% ROI for our customers on average, and to date we’ve saved companies over $15M in direct injury costs alone. By bringing technology to these frontline workforces, we're going to be able to create a really big business. The beautiful thing is that the bigger the business the more lives that we are able to impact, both in the US and abroad. 


If you’d like to join us in our mission to help keep frontline workers safe and healthy, visit our Republic campaign page to see how you can become a Worklete owner.

Visit the Republic Campaign Page

By: Ben Kanner

Worklete Customers see an average ROI of 420%.

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